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Graduation and Recognition 2022

To fulfill the excitement of receiving the fruit of the struggles and hardships of both parents and learners; SVDPA set schedule for the awarding of diploma, medals, and academic excellence certificate. It will be purely awarding with picture taking by school official photographer, no audience, and VOLUNTARY.

Date: March 31, 2022Venue: Titong’s Court @Navarro St., Maligaya Park Subdivision, Brgy. 177, Caloocan City


Pick-up of TOGA for Kindergarten and Grade 6 is on March 28, 2022, Monday. (Time: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm)

NOTE: Kindly settle your account on or before March 28, 2022.

The following guidelines must be STRICTLY observed in compliance with the health protocols set by Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), DOH, and DepEd.

  • NO COVID19 VACCINE NO ENTRY. (Bring your vaccine card)
  • Come ONLY in your designated time. (NOT TOO EARLY, NO LATES)
  • Only one (1) companion is allowed.
  • NO Face Mask, NO Entry.
  • Prepare a Contact Tracing Form (¼ Intermediate Pad Paper or Bond Paper) with the following information:
    • 1. Name of Student and Companion
    • 2. Address
    • 3. Contact Number
    • 4. Signature of Student and Companion
  • Submit to thermal scanning. (Write the temperature in the Contact Tracing Form)
  • Sanitize at the entrance.
  • Observe physical distancing atleast 1.5 meters apart.

Time: 7:00 am

Kindergarten Happy
1. Aquines, Mary Gracielle O.
2. Bandiola, Sophia Angela B.
3. Gales, Theo Raphael Sky B.
4. Garlando, Zian Anthony G.
5. Lubiano, Raphael Adam G.
6. Mc. Murray, Matthew Steven B.
7. Meneses, Jahaziel Darlene E.
8. Palomar, Merciel G.
9. Rivera, Ray Matthew D.
10. Salazar, Maria Mikaela L.
11. Subong, Sabina Hera F.
12. Wong, Kyle Adrian T.

1. Almonte, Daniel Jacob C.
2. Dela Cruz, MivayllaNicoltte
3. Deogracias, Zeus Michael P.
4. Engracia, Marcus Yohan T.
5. Galang, James Carlo B.
6. Palaspas, Scarlette Sandrine
7. Perez, Princess Ashley P.
8. Portugal, Juan Zacchaeus J.
9. Sudario, Sarah Bea M.
10. Tan, Laniella
11. Vista, Charlie Jay R.

Time: 8:00 am

Grade 1
1. Alcantara, PreciuosNathalie D.
2. Alvez, Armani A.
3. Bolima, Theon Josh B.
4. Cruz, Christelle N.
5. Dela Cruz, Gershom Calix R.
6. Dela Cruz, Kurt Matthew C.
7. Mojares, Uziel H.
8. Nabong, Piper Celestine
Grade 2
1. Bernardino, Amiel Riley D.
2. Cruz, XanthiaKasielle R.
3. Gales, Rai Gabriel Storm B.
4. Hementera, Sky Alessandra
5. Moya, Azrael Alan B.
6. Prado, Rafael Alon A.
7. Rafareal, Amaia Brienne F.
8. Regis, Gabbie Anne B.
Grade 3
1. Antiquisa, Kizha C.
2. Aquino, Maryam Elise D.
3. Dio, Vince Phillip A.
4. Moleno, Danica Jullien M.
5. Navarro, Eva G.
6. Palomar, Charity G.
7. Sanchez, Reyuji P.

Time: 9:00 am

Grade 4
1. Bantang, Coleen Beata L.
2. Bolima, Ahkira Jade B.
3. Cabiling, Leo Andrie R.
4. Francisco, Alondra Marie G.
5. Mata, Jed Benedict A.
6. Servidad, Marikeys Khloe E.
Grade 5
1. Bandiola, John Alwen B.
2. Buco, Rocellica C.
3. Dimacali, Julianna Claire V.
4. Madrid, Justine Clyde R.
5. Palomar, Nica Grace G.
6. Quitolbo, JoedRean P.
7. Raya, Athena Danielle P.
Grade 6
1. Abala, Caitlin Joy M.
2. Cabias, Ethan Marcux
3. Cirera, Kate Zyrel M.
4. Guillema, Isabella Korrine C.
5. Mallari, Nichole Angela S.
6. Niebres, Jan ErylleDonry S.
7. Oroceo, Julian Miguel
8. Piedad, Mark Ejay L.
9. Renacia, Marion Salvador C.
10. Sagun, Princess Jamaica O.
11. Servidad, Marky Brent L.
12. Tan, Lance Michael A.
13. Vivas, Gabrielle Rie C.

Time: 10:00 am

Grade 7
1. Antonio, Bryce Tyler L.
2. Cerda, Ada Margartte C.
3. Galang, Eunice Alvy O.
4. Gonzales, Maria Cristina
5. Javier, Justine A.
6. Hidalgo, Miguel James R.
Grade 8
1. Coronel, Tusha Eunice N.
2. Fabillo, Louise Gabriel S.
3. Mojares, Ayeza H.
4. Santos, Jerico Joab V.
5. Tuazon, Garielle D.
Grade 9
1. Aguirre, Arianna M.
2. Canete, Bhea T.
3. Cordero, Ashton Chiz S.
4. Davillo, Aika Mae O.
5. Mata, Jelena Meredith A.
6. Melendres, Frances Clare D.
7. Merenguez, Aldrin Jules M.
8. Mojares, Eizer H.
9. Niebres, Xander Henrie O.
10. Palomar, Sophia Joan G.
11. Perez, Sean Andrie C.

Time: 11:00 am

Grade 10
1. Bobares, Frncis RJ G.
2. Cordero, Kaylenz S.
3. Garlando, Moeses B.
4. Mangubat, Angela P.
5. Marcos, Angel Jonah Y.
6. Santos, Aidan Jan V.
7. Sonza, Jan Paul S,
8. Tavanlar, Mikaela Aldrich A.
9.Vega, Jericho Niño T.

Grade 11
(List to be updated)

Time: 1:00 pm

Grade 12 Imperial Garnet
(List to be updated)

Time: 2:00 pm

Grade 12 Imperial Jade
(List to be updated)

Time: 3:00 pm

Grade 12 Fire Agate
(List to be updated)

Time: 4:00 pm

Grade 12 Fire Opal
(List to be updated)

Time: 5:00 pm

Grade 12 Rose Gold
(List to be updated)

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