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Guidelines For Physical Attendance And Online Classes

Guidelines for Physical Attendance and Online Classes

Physical Classes

As of today (May 12, 2020), physical face to face classes are not permitted before August 24. Depending on the situation at that time, this is what classes may look like:

  • If Covid-19 situation is under control, regular classes with full attendance.
  • If Covid-19 remains a threat, split section classes with each section attending 2-3 days per week. SVDPA eClassroom participation required.
  • If Covid-19 is out of control, no physical classes. SVDPA eClassroom participation and livestream attendance required.

The role of SVDPA eClassroom, 

  • Each student will be provided their own personal account.
  • Notes, assignments, tests, quizzes and other tasks will be made available to each student.
  • Each class will have a “forum” where questions may be asked and answered by the teacher during regular school hours.
  • In the case of no classes, regular “attendance” (logging on) will be monitored.
  • In the case of no classes, online classes will be livestreamed on the Zoom platform. We will try for at least 1 online session per subject per week. Student attendance is required.
  • For preschool and primary levels, a guardian must be available to assist with eClassroom activities and livestream classes on Zoom.

Option for Pure Online Classes

When physical classes are permitted by the government, we understand that many parents, guardians and students will still be uncomfortable sending their learners to school. We intend to be flexible with attendance, as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  • The admin office must be notified if a student will not attend physical classes.
  • The learner must log in daily into the eClassroom and complete all tasks assigned.
  • The learner must complete all examinations. Special arrangements can be made.
  • Depending on their performance, the learner may be required to enrol in additional online tutorial sessions with a teacher at additional cost.

Tutorial Sessions

If a learner requires tutorials (for remedial, enrichment or review) they can be provided at additional cost.

  • Sessions will be one on one with a teacher or a small group of learners with a teacher.
  • Sessions may be in person at SVDPA or online using Zoom.
  • Cost will be determined by method of delivery and number of learners in a group.

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