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Junk Food Ban to be enforced at SVDPA

The Quezon City Health Department has begun to perform surprise raids in the area to enforce Quezon City Ordinance 2017-2579 (attached here). The ordinance states that schools and canteens within 100m of a school may not sell or promote the consumption of junk food. Foods covered under the ban are as follows:

  • Foods that are not indigenous¬†or naturally grown
  • Processed, pre-packaged and fortified foods, such as hot dogs, biscuits, instant noodles, chips etc.
  • Foods that are high in sodium (above 120mg per 100g)
  • Foods that are high in fat (solids above 3g per 100g, liquids 1.5g per 100ml)
  • Foods that high calorie (solids above 40kcal per 100g, liquids 20kcal per 100ml)
  • Food and drinks that have sugar added, such as candy, sweetened juices, powdered drinks, Yakult etc.

SVDPA’s canteen will abide by the policies set forth in the ordinance.

We have also been advised by the DepEd to monitor students who bring their own food to ensure that they are free of junk foods, especially packaged foods and sugary drinks. Failure to do so may result in fines from the QC Health Department related to the promotion of junk foods. These fines are not limited to the school, but can be charged to teachers and parents as well.

We are very aware that the enforcement of this ordinance will be a major inconvenience to many parents and guardians. However, we do hope that everyone can learn from this experience and take a close look at the foods we are putting into our bodies and how they can affect our overall health.


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