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Latest schedule changes for exams, recognition ceremonies and other events

Schedule Update for May 12:

Distribution of Cards, May 18 – 22

Cards will be available for pick-up, 8am – 11am and 1pm – 3pm at SVDPA. Please observe social distancing and follow the scheduled time to avoid overcrowding.

  • Monday, May 18: Preschool and 11-STEM
  • Tuesday, May 19: Grade 1,2,3 and 11-ABM
  • Wednesday, May 20: Grade 4,5,6 and 11-HUMSS
  • Thursday, May 21: Grade 7, 8 ,9, 10 and 12- HUMSS
  • Friday, May 22: 12-STEM and 12-ABM

Schedule Update for May 7:

Graduation, Moving Up and Recognition Ceremonies will be rescheduled due to extended lockdown of NCR.

Distribution of cards will take place by grade and section, starting on May 18. Details to follow.

Enrollment for next school year is ongoing. Please complete the online application at

Schedule Update for April 15:

Graduation, Moving Up and Recognition Ceremonies have been moved to May 2 or May 9 due to extended lockdown of NCR.

Distribution of cards will be announced soon. For your information use only, we can provide your learners grades by email ([email protected]) upon request.

Enrollment for next school year is ongoing. Please complete the online application at

Schedule Update for March 14

Moving up, Recognition and Graduation Ceremonies have been moved to Tuesday, April 21.

4th Quarter Exams will proceed as planned on March 16 and 17, updated options below:

OPTION 1: Download exams and email answers to [email protected]
Download exam package from according to the learner’s section.
Write answers on a separate paper OR Word file.
Email Word document or a clear picture/scan of answer sheets to [email protected].
This is the recommended option because Metro Manila is on community quarantine, students and guardians may be stopped by police or barangay officials from going to the school.

OPTION 2: Pick up exams from school on Monday and return completed by Tuesday 5PM
Parents or guardians should pick up and drop off the exam package.

OPTION 3: Write exams at school on Monday or Tuesday between 7am – 5pm.
Students can voluntarily write their exams at school and go home immediately after completing the exams. SOCIALIZATION WILL NOT BE ALLOWED and staff will enforce 1 meter of distance between all staff and students.
This option is not recommended and should only be used in special circumstances.

Announcement from March 11

Special Exams: March 20 (only for learners who are unable to take exams on March 16-17)

General Rehearsal for Moving Up, Recognition and Graduation: March 20 (refer to Encore for specific times)

Moving Up, Recognition and Graduation: March 21 (unchanged)

REMINDER FOR GRADE 12s: Please pay graduation fee and any other unpaid balance by Saturday.

Announcement from March 10

In light of recent events, our Academy has been actively planning for all possible scenarios with respect to class cancellations during this most important time of the academic year. Please read the announcements below carefully.

1. Our Admin office remains open during this period of no classes. Please be advised that all student accounts must be paid in full immediately (GCash accepted) so that our faculty and staff may complete the each student’s paperwork, required for submission to the DepEd, in a timely manner.

2. The field trip, scheduled for March 14 has been postponed. Please wait for further announcement (coming soon!).

3. All exams for grades 1-12 have been rescheduled for on Monday, March 16.


Option A: Students may VOLUNTARILY come to school to complete their exams on Monday, March 16 or Tuesday, March 17 from 6 am to 5 pm.

Option B – Take Home Exams: Parents/guardians may pick up the examination packet for their learner on the morning of Monday, March 16 and return the completed package before 5PM on Tuesday, March 17.

Option C – Download and Print Exams: Available for grades 7 – 12 students. Log into your SVDPA eClassroom account, download the exam packets, print and complete. Submit your exams at the school, or by scan and email, by 5PM Tuesday, March 17.

Please note that incompletion of exams is not an option. In order to maintain the integrity of our grading system, honor awards, diplomas and certificates, it is imperative for all students to complete their final exams. The options listed above will allow our faculty and staff to complete all required paperworks by the end of March. This is especially important for our graduating class who must meet deadlines for submitting their applications to colleges and universities.

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