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Planning for College and University – Informations about schools, scholarships and free applications

All high school students should be aware of the options available to them. There are THOUSANDS OF SCHOLARSHIPS available to ALL STUDENTS. The earlier you become aware of your options and requirements the better prepared you will be for your future.


Visit EducationUSA to find more information about scholarships for colleges and universities in the USA. SVDPA is one of a few schools in the Philippines whose students are invited to take the American SAT exams held by EducationUSA and the US Embassy in Manila. Students who pass the SAT exams will be able to study in the US as a part of the EducationUSA program. is your best resource for information about getting a scholarship to colleges and universities in the Philippines. It also has information about studying abroad.

There are also FREE online applications to many schools.

This is important information for students who have financial concerns about studying after high school! Watch the video below to see exactly how to use the website!

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