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2nd Quarter Exam Mechanics and Schedule

Date of 2nd Quarter Examination: November 19-21, 2020

Take home printed examination from Preschool to Grade 3.

  • November 19: Pick up printed exam package at SVDPA
  • November 23: Drop off completed exam package at SVDPA

Guidelines for online examinations (Grade 4 – 12)

  • Exams will take place in SVDPA eClassroom.
  • Each subject scheduled for the day is open for 24 hours.
  • Time allotment: 2 hours per subject.
  • 5 attempts are allowed for each subject (highest score will be recorded)

Note: For aspiring honor students, you are only allowed one attempt. Any additional attempt will disqualify you for any academic honor standing.

Click here to download SVDPA’s Student Handbook where you will find our criteria for honors.

Schedule of Exams for Grade 4 to Grade 12

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