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Summer Enrichment Program 2021

Join us for summer learning and fun activities!

SVDPA is offering a online summer enrichment programs for students who want to stay busy this summer. Now more than ever it is important to keep our learners’ minds active and engaged. Endless online gaming and social media is not healthy for their young minds, so why not give their brains some exercise this summer!


  • Monday to Friday, 60+ minutes per day
  • Emphasis on Math and English
  • Includes Livestream and eClassroom activities
  • Customized program based on the skills and needs of each learner
  • Starts April 19


  • Free for incoming grade 1 (payment is deducted from tuition and misc fees for next year)
  • P1,800/month for group sessions (if available)
  • P2,300/month for one on one sessions

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